Major updates for 2021

Fully equipped kitchen with granite countertops on main level

At Tesoro Bella, we make updates and upgrades each and every year to make sure our home remains the premier semi-oceanfront pet friendly beach house in Avon, NC. This past Winter and Spring we made some BIG UPDATES just in time for the 2021 rental season. Check out some the posts from Spring 2021 on our Facebook page with all the details!

New Kitchen

March 26  · You asked for it! I have been teasing you a little bit about the work going on at Tesoro Bella. One consistent comment we were getting is that the kitchen needed to be updated. Well, you asked for it; we did it. 1986 is gone 2021 if in it’s place. New Flooring installed, new light and refinished woodwork 2 years ago. This year: new cabinets, new larger refrigerator delivered by crane, new double sink, new faucet, new granite counter tops supports and corbel, new silverware, new coffee makers, new trim, shorted side wall to allow fridge door to open completely, new paint, new accent wall, new strategically placed power plugs with USB plugs, new added bar cabinet, new hard shelves and paint in the pantry closet, new utensils, pots and pans. Completely restocked. Pictures of the new and old included. All the work by Kim and I except the granite install. This is only what we did in the kitchen this year, stay tuned.

March 2  · We’ve been working for a month now off and on to make this happen. That 1980’s hunter green is gone. Completely new kitchen almost complete. Special thanks to Trindco for the awesome job on the granite. I’m tired but not done yet!

January 19  · More news! We’ve decided to renovate the upstairs kitchen 1986 is leaving and 2021 is on the way. Ordered the new cabinets today, reserved the granite. I’m going to be tired!

Updated Party Room

January 23  · New flooring down in the party room. Now paint and trim and new furniture and fridge. We are improving for you.

January 17  · Replacing the flooring in the party room! We at Tesoro Bella love our fur babies. That is why we are a pet friendly house. We ask that if you stay at our house that you spend time with your fur babies and don’t just leave them in the house. Part of the reason we are replacing the flooring in the party room is that past guests and one long term renter last spring seemed to like leaving their fur babies in the party room for extended periods of time and accidents happened. We are going with a more pet friendly and cleanup easier flooring system down here, but we ask you please be responsible and spend time with your babies if you bring them. Enjoy the beach!

New Furniture, Paint, Flooring and TVs

December 31, 2020  · We are down here over New Years planning our improvements for the upcoming season. We have moved to Midgett Realty and want to make our first year there fantastic. Here is what we know about as of right now. New furniture in the upstairs family room. Bought today at Manteo Furniture. They are awesome. New flooring, new refrigerator new TV and some freshening up of the party room. New TV in the turtle room. More to come!!!